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Liberate Your Wealth…

With Planning, Precision, and Purpose.

As a wealthy individual, family, or institution, you likely carry the burdens of wealth. This includes its complexities, the responsibilities to do right, and the duty to find efficiencies, reduce risk and protect wealth.

The Liberated Wealth® Process

Our approach is to understand your wealth, identify inefficiencies, design new pathways, then liberate and steward your wealth. We achieve this through our unique and comprehensive process: Uncover, Unlock, Design, Liberate, and Steward. Our passion is to Liberate Your Wealth®- even when you didn’t think you needed to.

Why is my wealth not liberated? 

Why Centura?

Like anything in life, there are many levels of abilities and dedication. At Centura, we are at the top of our profession. We embrace the detail of your existing financial situation. With innovative planning methods, we unlock your wealth, and find new pathways to change your wealth trajectory.  

Our tax planning starts with your existing baseline, and after a comprehensive review, illustrates and synthesizes the complexities of your tax profile into sophisticated options that drive meaningful outcomes for: you, your family/friends, charitable organizations, and reduces your tax burden.

Since real estate is often one of the major components to a families’ balance sheet, our expertise in real estate planning is frequently at the forefront of our clients minds and needs.  

Our investment philosophy is centered around achieving the best Absolute Returns given a range of likely outcomes. We achieve this through passive investment management, and offering a unique set of Alternative investments that can bring Excess Return to your portfolio of holdings.