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Centura’s Company Culture: Hear From Our Team Thumbnail

Centura’s Company Culture: Hear From Our Team

At Centura, we’re proud of our team and company culture. Why? 

Everyone on our team has their own North Star. They center around serving our clients, our community, and their aspirations. 

Wondering what our team has to say about Centura? We’ve already asked. Read on to learn more about us, what we do, and what our culture is like here at Centura Wealth Advisory.

Why Centura Wealth Advisory?

Chris Osmond, Chief Investment Officer at Centura Wealth Advisory, describes what makes Centura different from our competition.

Watch the video below or read on to learn more. 

There are many reasons why advisors choose to join a new firm. 

Chris remarks, “Of course, economics plays a role in their decision. You need to be able to care for your family, retire someday, etc. But, there are also a few other factors that lead advisors to join a new firm.”

One of the major factors Chris Osmond describes is “the opportunity cost of spending two-thirds of your time doing the administrative work that no one wants to do or worry about software contracts that need to be negotiated. The operational and logistic tasks take away from actually producing and spending time doing what you do best.

The business development area is where advisors typically shine; bringing in new clients, adding value, and enriching clients’ lives. At Centura, we provide infrastructure to help alleviate the cumbersome administrative tasks for our advisors, so they can do what they do best.”

What is Your Favorite Part of Centura’s Company Culture?

Click the link or read on to hear about Samantha’s favorite part of Centura’s company culture.

According to Samantha Lawrence, Associate Advisor, her favorite part about company culture are the Fridays. Why? Samantha explains:

“While at Centura, we do plan large events for the whole company, the routine Fridays are what make Centura great. Fridays are fun at Centura. We aim to make our employees excited to come to work and excited for their weekend. And we want Centura to be a place where our employees are excited to be here on a Friday afternoon.”

What is the Company Culture like at Centura?

 Zoe Singh, Associate Advisor, describes the company culture at Centura. Click the link to learn more.

We take pride in the culture we’re creating here at Centura Wealth Advisory. Zoe describes the culture as “like a family in a way, we want to be close to everybody...I get questions about how I’m doing at work, but also how I’m doing in my personal life.” 

“Working here for five years, I’ve seen a family-like environment, where everyone cares about each other. Managers care about their employees, and the whole team is really focused on the experience of new people coming in.” 

At Centura, we want to make every new member of our team feel welcome. It’s important to us to have a positive work culture. After all, you’re spending so much of your day with the people you work with. 

Final Thoughts

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Centura is passionate about our client’s objectives and owns the fiduciary responsibility of protecting their interests.

We strive to be the best in our chosen lines of business, not the biggest.

Learn more about our team, here.