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The Complexity of Inherited Wealth Thumbnail

The Complexity of Inherited Wealth

Wealth can come to someone in many ways. Some people are born with money and some earn it over a lifetime. 

Then there are those who inherit their wealth by the passing of a family member or selling of a business. If you haven’t managed large amounts of wealth before, however, understanding the complexity of inherited wealth is an enormous task.

There are psychological and logistic reasons for the overwhelming feeling of inheriting wealth. Even though it is an increasingly common event, this is a topic that is rarely talked about. 

So, let’s get the conversation started about the complexity of inherited wealth. 


There are new responsibilities that come with inheriting wealth. The list is never-ending. This is why financial planning is a pillar of Centura Wealth and is highly recommended to those who suddenly inherit large sums of money.

Some key elements of financial planning include: 

  • Excessive Fees from other professionals
  • Tactical Gaps (like planning for the future)
  • Hidden Risks and Costs
  • Erosion (gradual redirection of funds)
  • Taxation


When individuals inherit large sums of money, often, their morals are put to the test. This is completely normal. Perhaps before inheriting money, you had a vision of what you might do with this extra wealth. For example, donating a large percentage. But now, you might feel differently. 

Wealthy families carry wealth burdens. Some aspects that come with this burden include: 

  • Worry
  • Generational Degradation
  • Relationship Dynamics
  • Responsibility
  • Guilt

Centura Wealth Advisory believes there is a balance in liberating your wealth, and our clients can testament to that. We’ve worked with many families whose net worth exceeds $10M, who have complex financial lives, circumstances, and strategies.

These are some of the expressions Centura Wealth has heard our clients say:

  • “We don’t want our wealth to ruin our kids’ lives,” 
  • “We want our wealth to foster happiness and purpose,” 
  • “We realize we have a great responsibility to serve our family, and our community,”
  • “We want our wealth to improve the lives of people who are less fortunate.” 

What’s Next? 

Talk to a wealth advisor for further steps after inheriting wealth. The list of key elements that contribute to financial planning is long. Just a few to consider depending on your financial situation are retirement plans, long-term financial goals, and investment.

“We believe everyone has a purpose in life, and ours is to help wealthy individuals and families achieve their purpose through a proactive and comprehensive wealth management process called Liberated Wealth®.”

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