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Centura Events

Centura Wealth Workshop for Professionals 


Centura Wealth Workshop Recap:  January 31, 2020

Centura's Wealth Workshop is held on a bi-monthly basis and is open to professionals who serve high net worth clientele.   The workshop is a collaborative session that fits the definition provided by conference monkey:

  • The best workshops have a specific, action-oriented purpose, and aim to generate some concrete answers to current problems in the field. Workshops are a good opportunity to learn new skills and to familiarize yourself with a topic you don't know well.

Each workshop is structured around networking (over breakfast and coffee), a case example of a situation of a high net worth individual, brainstorming/collaboration on tools and techniques to improve their wealth plan, and the actual results derived in deploying a solution set to the client.  A recap of a recent workshop is provided below: