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Investment Philosophy

Investment Ethos

At Centura Wealth Advisory, we utilize an empirical approach to manage investments and build personalized portfolios. Our Ethos is steeped in a rich history of Nobel Prize winning research and seeks to maximize net risk-adjusted returns while adhering to the following principles, beliefs and process.

Key Principles

  • Access broad market exposure cheaply and efficiently through low cost passive investments
  • Source Alpha when and where available through active management, investment selection and/or investment structure
  • Minimize Taxes and Fees

Our Beliefs

  1. Efficient Markets – We believe markets for most traditional asset classes to be efficient, with consistent Alpha generation being difficult (if not impossible) to produce.
  2. Fees & Expenses – Cost is a drag on performance over time and can erode a significant amount of wealth. For this reason, we seek to minimize fees and expenses, maximizing the net return realized by investors.
  3. Taxes – Like Fees & Expenses, taxes represent a significant drag on performance over time. Thus, we seek to minimize the detrimental effect of taxes as related to the creation, preservation and distribution of wealth.

Our Process

We utilize a 5-part, systematic rules-based approach to design, build and manage portfolios.

  1. Research – Employ both a quantitative and qualitative process to evaluate investment options
  2. Security Selection - Securities selected for portfolio inclusion must be accretive to net risk-adjusted returns
  3. Monitoring – Continuous monitoring of global markets, economic data, and individual investments to ensure that portfolios are operating at maximum efficiency
  4. Tax Management – Minimize the performance drag associated with taxes by utilizing tax friendly investments, vehicles and strategies
  5. Rebalancing & Reallocating – Make tactical adjustments as appropriate

Types Portfolios We Manage

  • Traditional Assets Only – Our traditional asset model portfolios diversify across a variety of global stock and bond exposures
  • Traditional & Alternative Assets – Like our traditional asset models, these portfolios include stocks and bonds but also incorporate liquid alternatives such as Real Estate.
  • Bespoke Portfolios – These portfolios are built, designed and tailored to the unique needs, wants and goals of sophisticated investors. Investment composition may consist of traditional assets, liquid alternatives, illiquid alternatives and the use of tax efficient strategies designed to help boost net realized returns, while minimizing the potential downside risk in the portfolio.