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Wealthy families carry wealth burdens. 

“We want to manage our wealth with clarity, simplicity and efficiency.”

“We want our wealth to foster happiness and purpose.”

“We don’t want our wealth to ruin our kids’ lives.”

“We never want to have to worry about losing our wealth.”

“We want to ensure our wealth lasts multiple generations.”

“We want our wealth to improve the lives of people who are less fortunate.”

“We realize we have a great responsibility to serve our family, and our community.”

“We want to spend our time living and utilizing our wealth, not managing it.”

As a wealthy family, you likely carry the burden of your wealth as often described by the statements above. Wealth has many complexities and responsibilities. A big part of the burden is simply doing right by your family and your values. 

These testimonials were provided by current clients of CCG Wealth Management LLC. No compensation was provided for these testimonials. Their experiences may not be indicative of all client experiences.

Meet Marilyn

After her father passed away Marilyn was suddenly thrust into managing a large pool of assets and forced to make several key financial decisions. That’s when she joined Centura Wealth Advisory (Centura) as a client.

Meet Tina

We started working with Tina's family nearly 18 years ago for her grandmother’s estate. Then, we worked on her parents’ estate. As of today, we have been helping Tina manage her wealth for nearly 15 years..

Meet Tony

Tony is a lifelong entrepreneur who started out running a computer export business in the 1990’s. After a successful career building his company he was able to successfully sell his business.

Meet David

Roby Kotcamp interviews our client David Pann, who has held executive positions at major tech companies like Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Netscape, and is currently on the path to retirement.


Because Your Wealth Needs Freedom From:


Contract & Mindset Limitations.

Excessive Fees.

Tactical Gaps.

Hidden Risks & Costs.


Generational Degradation.

Reducing Uncle Sam On Your Payroll.

Purpose Creep.

Unexpected Wealth Outcomes.

We take your wealth from:

Complex to Elegant

Burdened to Liberated