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Finding Your North Star Thumbnail

Finding Your North Star

In the video above, Kyle Malstrom, Managing Director at Centura Wealth Advisory, explains that “At Centura, we believe everybody has a North Star.” 

The “North Star” we’re speaking of refers to your purpose, and the legacy you leave behind. Our role as a firm is to help our employees, clients, and larger network find and align with their North Star. 

We view our role— both as advisors and employers— to facilitate purposeful meaning in both your finances and in your life. Kyle Malstrom goes on to say, “Our job [as advisors] is also as a life coach, in which we help people understand how to achieve their goals and the best way to get there.”

Internally at Centura, we place a great emphasis on aligning your purpose and your goals with your work. Why is that? 

It Allows for More Valuable Goal Setting

First and foremost, you will gain greater clarity and focus when your purpose is aligned with your goals. Working with an unclear purpose makes it challenging to set your goals and plan for your future. 

A lack of direction and focus can leave you feeling purposeless. By implementing short and long-term goals, we help our clients implement tangible action items that help avoid a sense of purposelessness. We place such a heavy emphasis on this core value of finding your North Star because we’ve found that this value leads to a happier and more fulfilled life (in all areas, including your financial strategy).  

Living a more fulfilled life

When you work to find your purpose, you’re better positioned to live it each day. We’ve found that our clients who align their passions in life with their passions in work find a purpose that is cohesive and sustainable. Whether those passions come from your job, or in your personal life, knowing what drives you allows you to have comfort and security on your path forward.

Passion and Purpose Collide

Typically, people find that their passions align with their purpose in life. When the work you’re doing cultivates the feeling of passion, you are more likely to make the extra effort. As Simon Sinek says, “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.” 

Passion doesn’t completely drive the equation here. We understand that there has to be a level of determination and discipline to reach success, and a fulfilled life. However, when your work has personal meaning, it showcases your strengths, and it allows you to be curious, you are better positioned to find success.

Becoming a Part of the Bigger Whole

One of the main reasons we place a great emphasis on helping both our clients and employees find their North Star is because when you’re aligned on your unique purpose, you provide more meaningful contributions to your community and the world at large. When we see our clients and employees embrace their most authentic selves, we find the areas where they truly stand out. This is what we aim to foster in our culture and in our client relationships every day. 

At Centura, our purpose is stewardship, in guiding our team members and employees toward their North Star. What makes you feel fulfilled? What legacy do you want to leave behind? And, how do you get there? That’s where we come in! 

How does our company actually put this North Star-centered value into practice? Take a look at one of our recent articles, How Does Centura Wealth Create Energy? which provides first-hand insight from our team, and how they have implemented these values. 

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