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How Does Centura Wealth Create Energy? Thumbnail

How Does Centura Wealth Create Energy?

At Centura Wealth Advisory, we believe in providing our clients with full transparency. In an effort to display this value, we’ve decided to give you a little insight into who our team is. Recently, Centura Wealth has dedicated time to improve its employees’ lives outside of work through encouraging journaling, meditation, appreciation for others, and so on. Hear from our very own Centura Wealth employees about how these practices create energy in the workplace!

Ask yourself daily, what can you be excited about today?

“I am more aware of how my emotions affect others—my wife and most importantly my child. Going into the day with a positive attitude sets the stage for the entire day.” —Zachary Wilson, Client Service Associate

“I have written a few notes to others for showing appreciation. In both instances, I was intentional in how I wanted to make them feel. I don’t think I would have executed on this if I weren’t journaling, yes, I would have had the passing thought of ‘...I should send something…’, but I’ve actually executed on some of these things which hopefully makes them feel good, and does make me feel good.” —Matt Griffith, Senior Wealth Advisor

“This has motivated me to reach out to friends I haven’t seen in a while, which is rewarding. I definitely have taken a step back and really thought about the best way to respond when I am getting stressed at work. Reacting to stress in a more calm and collective way has made me proud of myself and I have seen positive outcomes.” —Zoe Singh, Associate Advisor

“It makes me more aware of my actions and my inactions. When you start thinking about what will happen later in the day instead of not preparing for the what-ifs, you can appreciate when things go well. When they don’t, it won’t surprise you or ‘get to you” as much.’” —Lori Stingham, Life Insurance Case Manager

“I’ve been exhibiting high(er) energy in the office, at home and generally trying to bring positive energy to meetings, and my interaction with the Centura team. I’m more positive in my approach and feel like I’m positively impacting those around me. I’ve sent direct emails to Centura team members trying to highlight their good work.” —Jonathan Freeman, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Compliance Officer

“The practice of thinking about something that I can be excited about for the day is a practice that I consistently use and have been for a while. This practice always helps me get through a long day because I know there is something to look forward to and be excited about, which then boosts my energy.” —Amber Vaccaro

“This practice allowed me to prepare for the day in ways that I am not used to. I acknowledged some potential emotions and events that could later affect my day and practicing this helped me make the most of those moments. Rather than get discouraged when the stressful event came up, I had a plan of attack. “ —Bradley Polinsky    

How has Practicing Gratitude or Journaling Impacted You?            

“I have been doing this before bed each night. It has allowed me to reflect on what I am grateful for that day and helps to remind me as I go throughout my days.”  —Zoe Singh, Associate Advisor

“I have been trying to journal as much as possible to get my thoughts out of my head and gratitude is one of the main things I try to practice while meditating.” —Paul Knezovich, Client Service Associate

“I began the practice of gratitude journaling this past month. I love how easy and quick this exercise is to accomplish; however, I wasn’t super consistent this past month. I am shooting for five days per week this upcoming month. This definitely brings me to things I hold dear. I expect this will turn into a habit very soon. Thank you for this gift!” —Derek Myron, Managing Director

“Starting my day off and thinking about the emotions I will bring that day has helped me be in a better mood throughout the entire day, thus increasing my energy levels. I notice that when I tell myself the emotions that I should bring into the day ahead, I feel more accountable to do so and it gives me an urge to follow through with it. The emotions that I typically tell myself to bring that day are typically ones such as happy, excited, powerful, and amusement. I have noticed that when I tell myself in the morning that I need to bring these emotions I feel obligated to do so and thus, end up experiencing those emotions.” —Amber Vaccaro

How has Starting One Practice Impacted your Life?            

Practices might include eating healthier, exercise, meditation for better sleep, and so on.

“I have pushed myself to get greater rest. I am getting between six to seven hours of sleep which I have not accomplished for over 20 years. I am accomplishing this by: 1) Getting to bed earlier, 2) Taking three to four melatonin gummies per night, 3) Not taking on as much of a workload, and 4) Filling up my joy bucket.    

“I find that I have greater mental stamina to stay in difficult conversations both professionally and with my family. I need to push to continue for a more balanced lifestyle.” —Derek Myron, Managing Director

“My mind is more clear and I am more productive from exercising and a better diet. I am able to overcome anything in my way.” —Andre Lawrence, Operations Manager    

“I have been trying to eat better and exercise. It definitely helps my overall attitude and energy. When I have days that I eat like crap, I feel sluggish. When I have days that I eat well, I have more energy. When I work out, I feel better about myself both on the inside and the outside.”—Lori Stingham, Life Insurance Case Manager

“I have been trying to focus more on the things that I am eating and when I am eating those things. I have never found myself to be an unhealthy eater but I can also eat much more healthily than I do, especially at the right times, as I eat late at night often which is not good for you. I have been trying to focus on eating better and not after 8 p.m. and I have noticed the way my body feels and have also felt much better in the gym while focusing on this.” —Paul Knezovich, Client Service Associate

Centura Wealth Advisory works hard to create an energy-filled environment at the workplace and with clients! To learn more about Centura, read on.