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How Intention Influences Financial Planning Thumbnail

How Intention Influences Financial Planning

Tim Maurer with Forbes said it best, “Personal finance is more personal than it is finance.” 

Financial planning is a big step towards Liberating your Wealth® and will come more naturally if intention plays a role in decision making. 

In the basics of journalism, the questions that are used to determine the intent of a story are: 

  • What?
  • When?
  • Who?
  • Where?
  • Why?
  • How?

These questions can loosely be applied to financial planning, and are a great guideline to follow when navigating through intention. Are those questions following your goals and intention with your financial planning?

For example, if at one point you wanted to highlight philanthropic efforts as an important foundation for your financial plan, that is one intention that can answer the six journalistic questions. 

Liberate your Wealth®

If you’re trying to Liberate your Wealth®, odds are intention is at the forefront of your decision-making. This is great news. If your mind and heart are wanting intentionality to influence your financial planning, then the processes and strategy to do so will become more tangible. 

Family Involvement

One example of intention influencing financial planning is succession planning and inheritance. The intention behind financial planning is to set up your family members for success and provide for future generations. Since there is a passion for protecting your loved ones, the intention fuels the fire of financial planning. 

It can also be broken down into smaller moments within financial planning. For instance, talking to aging family members about wealth and inheritance can be a difficult conversation. Therefore, the intention must be behind the conversation about financial planning. 

Find your Why

Centura Wealth acknowledges that as a wealthy family, you likely carry the burden of your wealth. Because wealth has many complexities and responsibilities, it can be easy to lose intention in the daily tasks of financial planning. 

Finding your why is remembering back to when your career (or need for financial planning) started. 

  • What were your passions and goals for your wealth?
  • Are those still true to your planning efforts now? 

If you feel like you have strayed from your original goals, that’s okay. This is why intention does influence financial planning, and your purpose with your intention can always be found again. 

Choosing a Financial Advisor or Wealth Manager

Are you confused about the difference between a financial advisor and a wealth manager? Learn about the differences here to help you understand who you’re wanting to partner with. The main difference between the two roles is clientele needs. If you want to hire someone who works with intention, then it’s worth taking the time to find an equal match. 

Centura Wealth strives to create energy inside and outside the office. Some of our advisors have embarked on trying new meditation strategies, patterns, and exercises to create energy. Find out how it’s going here, "How Does Centura Wealth Create Energy?"