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Seeking the Best: An Inside Look at Centura's #1 Asset Thumbnail

Seeking the Best: An Inside Look at Centura's #1 Asset

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be a part of the Centura Wealth team? Watch the video below to learn more about how Centura works to balance personal and professional life for all of our employees.

As an advisory, we believe in encouraging people to be their authentic selves and motivating them to achieve their North Star, or the legacy they want to leave behind. The North Star is a bearing point in someone’s journey. It embodies our client’s and our employee’s goals, values, and purpose for their life and their wealth.

Tell us about your experience at Centura Wealth Advisory

Derek Myron, Managing Director

“We founded the company in 2014, and I'm one of the original founders. I think that being in financial services, there's a lot of different models for service. And we saw a need to really add value to the folks that we serve.”

Tigran Muradyan, Associate Advisor

“A friend of mine introduced me to Centura Wealth Advisory. It's interesting working as a financial wholesaler. I have the opportunity to really visit many different financial advisory offices as a consultant. And you get to see their best practices, their approaches, their ideologies, kind of the dos and the don'ts. 

And I could truly say that this is home for me. This is one of the best financial advisory offices in the country that truly takes the care, and a holistic approach to meet high net worth clients' needs.” 

Zoe Singh, Associate Advisor

“My name is Zoe and I am an associate advisor at Centura. And I started here as an intern back in 2017, and I was a student at SDSU, at the time, and I really enjoyed the internship here. It was my first internship, so you could say this was my first real job. And it was a great experience because I really liked everybody here.”

What’s unique about Centura Wealth Advisory? 

Dana Levin, Client Relationship Manager, Philanthropic Strategies 

“We offer a lot of really unique benefits to working on our team, in terms of comradery, but we also have experts in a variety of different spaces.

We have people who are insurance experts. We have people who are planning experts. I bring the unique value proposition of having somebody specific to philanthropy, which really sets our team apart from your standard RIA. 

And we really pride ourselves in being ahead of the game, ahead of the strategy, so that we can really add the most value for our clients. Being part of that team, and gaining new colleagues with the drive to be better will only enhance our impact.”

Kyle Malmstrom, Managing Director, Co-Chief Investment Officer

“What is different about our firm is we live to the values that we set forth in our company, and we make decisions based on those values. 

One of the things we bring to our clients is excellence. We try to deliver A-plus work, A-plus service, A-plus solutions, and we take a lot of pride in the work that we do, and we spend a lot of time and effort to get it right.”

Who does Centura Wealth Advisory serve?

Matt Griffith, Senior Wealth Advisor 

“We have a variety of clients. I think the type of client that fits well is, some who has experienced a catalyst; there's something in their life that's happening, and they're saying, "Look, we need help figuring out some of this complexity." And maybe it's just, "Over time, our income has continued to drift higher. How do we handle and look to mitigate some of the taxes around this higher income?" ”

Who are you looking for to join the team?

Derek Myron, Managing Director

“We're looking for people who are intellectually curious, who have a thirst for constantly learning new things. In the planning environment, laws constantly change. You have to constantly be talking to centers of influence, who are figuring out new ways to provide value. The types of people that we're looking for are people that are just not satisfied and are constantly want to learn new things. 

And in every relationship, whether it be a client relationship, a center of influence, or an employee, we're looking to figure out how we can create exponential value. How do you plus me together add up to be more than two? How does it get to be three, or four, or five?”

What is the company culture like at Centura?

Roby Kotcamp, Senior Wealth Advisor 

"The culture of Centura is really one of the most impressive things that I've seen in some time.

One of the things that strikes you about Centura from an associate, employee, partner perspective, is that really there's an embracing of people where they're at. Real encouragement for people to be their authentic selves is valued."

Kyle Malmstrom, Managing Director, Co-Chief Investment Officer

“Here at Centura, we believe everybody has a north star. I have a north star, all of the employees here have a north star, our clients each have their own north stars. Our job, my role, and our firm's role is to help people achieve their north star. 

And by the north star, I mean, what's important to you in your life? What is it that you want to accomplish? What is the legacy you want to leave? How do you want people to remember you? And our job is simply to help facilitate that. And oftentimes,  we do that in a financial capacity. 

Our job is similar to a life coach in helping people understand, "Hey, you can do this, you can achieve that. And here's the best way to do that." ”

How has the culture impacted you personally?

Libby Dingfield, Vice President, Growth and Development 

“We have an executive coach that the entire company gets to work with. Right now, we're currently reading a book together, and we meet and discuss how we're going to implement that into our own lives.  It's not only how we can better ourselves here at work, but how we can grow as individuals and become truly more well-rounded people? 

Because anytime you're going to grow professionally, you have to do the work to grow in your personal life as well.”

Hear more directly from the team on their goals, and how implementing them has created energy in the workplace and their personal lives on our blog, “How Does Centura Wealth Create Energy?”