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Capital Market Projections & Monte Carlo – Part 2 in series Thumbnail

Capital Market Projections & Monte Carlo – Part 2 in series

Sophisticated projections are critical to crafting a well-designed financial plan and capital market projections are one of many key inputs that play a vital role in doing that. At Centura Wealth Advisory, we pair forward looking capital market projections with the Monte Carlo Method to estimate: Probability of a client running out of money before their “end of plan” (i.e., death) Most likely “end of plan” value (e.g., wealth transfer, charitable giving purposes) Optimal asset allocation strategy for a given plan

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Capital Market Projections Thumbnail

Capital Market Projections

Capital market return (and risk) projections are at the heart of wealth management. These projections are a critical input to financial planning and portfolio management applications where the opportunity cost of misestimation is material: project too high and one may get a false sense of security out of their retirement plan and/or portfolio estimates; project too low and one may not provide a realistic estimate of the future, thereby making naïve decisions with potentially harmful results (e.g., working too long, saving too much, taking too much portfolio risk, etc.).

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Your Teen is off to College! Thumbnail

Your Teen is off to College!

20.4 million kids attended a college, university or trade school in 2017. Using simple math, that means approximately 40.8 million parents sent their babies off to school last year. There is so much to do and to remember!

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Financial and Estate Planning for Women Thumbnail

Financial and Estate Planning for Women

Ladies, in today’s world we are exposed to all kinds of sound bites, headlines and political propaganda….. “the war on women,” “wage inequality,” and other such catch phrases designed to incite feelings of helplessness, fear, betrayal and injustice.

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